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Shopping without VAT with Tax Free: your extra service for tourists

Non-EU citizens can claim VAT back on purchases made in your country – this is one reason why so many business travellers and tourists enjoy shopping here. Tax Free helps to make tax-free shopping easy for your international customers.

Automatic card recognition

Your Elavon terminal with Tax Free function automatically recognizes when the customer is paying whether an international credit card is entitled to a tax refund. In this case, you can print out the Tax Free form simply by pressing a button on the terminal and hand it to your customer. He or she can then claim the VAT back at the airport, when crossing the border, or even when back home again.

Generating loyalty amongst wealthy customers

Tax Free means you can offer your international customers an attractive service that you as a merchant can benefit from too. It's a good way to attract a wealthy clientele as additional customers who love to come shopping at your store.


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