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Attract international customers and receive a credit note every month

Using Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) means your international Mastercard or Visa Card clients can pay quickly and easily using their own currency. Offering this attractive service to tourists on shopping trips and foreign guests in restaurants and hotels brings you benefits too. You will receive a credit note from Elavon for every DCC transaction; and the more DCC payments you accept, the more income you generate. And because DCC can process more than 60 foreign currencies, this opens up a great many opportunities to you to generate additional revenue.


Transparency creates a great shopping experience

Your customers or guests will also come to appreciate DCC. First of all, because they can pay in a currency they trust, and, secondly, they have the certainty that the amount displayed on the terminal (including all fees and the exchange rate) corresponds with what will appear later on their account statement at home. What's more, DCC gives your customers the good feeling that they are always paying at the current exchange rate.


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