Card acceptance is crucial

Keeping your customers happy doesn't just depend on your range of products. Payment convenience is just as crucial for whether a customer or guest will come back again, and whether he or she will recommend you to family and friends. The best recipe for success: everyone should be able to pay you using their preferred method.

With Elavon, you can accept all the usual national and international cards, letting you reach the largest target market possible. Or, you can choose an individual selection of payment methods that fits in best with your customers' requirements.




Debit cards

Almost everyone has a bank or debit card in their wallet these days, and cardholders can make payments easily and securely using their personal identification number (PIN). In the PIN process the payment amount is debited from the cardholder's account immediately after authorisation. This protects the merchant from payment defaults or chargebacks.


The Maestro card is one of the world's leading PIN-supported debit card systems, which makes it an important payment method for all merchants and service providers. In Europe alone there are more than seven million acceptance points. Many tourists and international business travellers simply expect to be able to pay using their Maestro card today. 


V PAY is an international PIN-based bank card solution provided by Visa. Payments can be made using V PAY throughout Europe and often also across the world in business situations. If you are welcoming international customers and guests, then you should certainly be able to offer them this payment method.

Contactless payments

Cards with this symbol also include a contactless payment function. This means simply holding the card in front of the contactless reader of a card terminal. Smaller purchases – generally up to a limit of 25 Euros – can be paid for in this way without having to enter a PIN number. If the payment amount exceeds the set limit, it has to be authorised by the cardholder. Thanks to modern encryption technologies, the contactless payment process is just as secure as the contact-based methods.


Credit cards

Credit cards are very appealing to many consumers, as the payment amount is not generally debited immediately from their bank account when making a purchase. Credit cards are also popular because they are uncomplicated method of making international payments. A credit card payment is authorised by a PIN number or signature. Accepting credit cards means that you receive a payment guarantee from the credit card provider, although this also incurs a percentage fee that depends on the payment amount.





Mastercard is one of the world's leading credit cards. If you want to meet the expectations of your international and national customers and guests, then you can't do without Mastercard.


Visa Card is known and trusted all over the world. Just like Mastercard, Visa Card is widely used, and many merchants and service providers are happy to accept it in order to offer their existing and potential customers the best range of payment methods.


If you have a lot of American guests or customers, then you should include Discover credit cards in the range of payment methods that you accept. Discover is widely used in the USA with approximately 50 million cardholders, and it is also used in other countries.

Diners Club

The world's oldest credit card is particularly popular with business travellers and tourists. Diners Club promises its members and cardholders exclusivity and high quality services – and is targeted at a correspondingly wealthy clientele. Diners Club International is part of the network of the American card provider Discover.


The card from the only Chinese credit card company is part of the Asian growth market and is widely used both by Chinese consumers and internationally. The affluent Asian client base also loves to go travelling and enjoys making exclusive shopping trips to Europe. Accepting UnionPay is thus indispensable for all businesses and catering operations that are popular with an international clientele.


JCB is the number one credit card in Japan with an ever growing popularity amongst travellers from Asia and North America. Several million outlets in Europe already accept JCB cards. JCB is especially interesting for companies involved in retail and tourism, if they count visitors from Japan amongst their target market.

American Express

American Express (Amex) credit cards stand for exclusivity and a particularly high quality service, which is why they are frequently used as company credit cards. If your customers or guests include business travellers, then accepting American Express credit cards makes a great deal of sense.