Award-winning technology for your international business

As a full service payment provider Elavon offers complete card processing from authorisation to payment, and uses high-performance technology. Its international, multilingual IT platform processes up to 700 transactions a second at peak times and as regards efficiency, security and reliability it meets all the requirements of companies conducting international business. Thanks to the optimised payment processes and a high capacity, merchants and service providers enjoy a definite advantage in terms of costs and competitiveness.


We pave the way to new markets

Our International Processing Platform (IPP) supports more than 120 currencies and an international procurement system. Supplementary services, such as Dynamic Currency Conversion and an international reporting system also assist companies in achieving greater profitability and operating efficiency. We lay the vital groundwork for the successful development of new markets.

Elavon was honoured with the Best Merchant Acquiring Initiative at the Card & Payments Awards 2012 for its international payment processing technology. The independent consultancy First Annapolis declared our IPP to be the best system in Europe as long ago as 2011.